Published On: May 21, 2018 9:19 AM IST

How could you believe 600 promises, Pawan Kalyan?

Pawan Kalyan kickstarted the Praja Poraata Yatra from Icchapuram, Srikakulam constituency. The Janasena chief received a rousing response from the public as he freed himself from all the security forces and looked to spend his time with the general public. Pawan spoke about various issues in Andhra Pradesh and breathed fire on Telugu Desam Party chief, Chandra Babu, and other leaders.

Pawan stated that CBN has been using government for his own luxuries like foreign tours and private jets. He further added that Babu wished to spend over Rs 2000 crores on the Godavari Pushkara’s while an underlying problem, Uddanam Nephropathy(mysterious kidney disease) remained unsolved.

On an interesting note, Pawan recalled that Chandra Babu gave him a manifesto that had around 600 promises that were to be fulfilled in a span of 5 years. “At first, I found it tough to believe and asked CBN whether this was actually possible in the practical world. He replied that it is tough, but we will make sure that every scheme is implemented. I believed in him and later realized that it was far from reality. Babu failed to live up to most of the promises”, said Pawan.

The main question here is, how could Pawan Kalyan believe a manifesto that he had around 600 promises? even if he believed in Babu’s capabilities, was he not aware of the fact that the newly formed stated was in a deep financial crisis? The interesting part is that Pawan stated he will be questioning even his allies if they are not true to their claims. Sadly, it took him 4 long years to realize that TDP did not keep up its promises. It needs to be seen if his questioning capabilities will have any impact in the 2019 elections.