How can you ask for SCS when you have 18 lakh crores?

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018, 02:44:42 PM IST

Andhra Pradesh senior politician, Undavalli Arun Kumar never misses an occasion to pounce on the mistakes made by political parties in the state. The senior leader is widely respected for his tactical brilliance and understanding towards on-going issues.

Recently, Undavalli raised a few questions on Chandra Babu’s speech in the assembly. Chandra Babu is saying that AP got 18 lakh crores in the form of investments. That is close to 20 % of the entire country’s revenue. How can you expect the center to give the state Special Category Status when it is getting such stunning revenue, questioned Undavalli.

The political activist demanded both YSRCP and TDP to reveal their plan on how to get SCS to the state. Undavalli raised the correct question and irked Babu with his wits, opine political experts.