Hope this incident doesn’t repeat in the future: Maa

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018, 02:10:07 PM IST

The Movie Artists Association(MAA) has united against a recent incident where a news reporter made some demeaning comments about female artists. These comments invited a huge backlash as the offensive word is directly targetted at every female actress in Tollywood.

Reacting to the incident, MAA has started a peaceful protest against the offensive behavior from the news channel. They said that Cinema industry and media are interlinked and cannot be separated by anyone. We should stand in support of each other rather than personally target a few people and make some generalized comments about the entire industry.

The news channel publicly apologized and gave scrollings about the same. We hope that this incident does not happen in the future as we are also humans and we also have feelings. Everyone deserves their own share of privacy and respect from the public, said the attendees. C. Kalyan, Harish Shakar, Manchu Lakshmi, Nandini Reddy, and Rakul Preet Singh were present at the protest event.