High drama like never before in Delhi

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018, 02:50:49 AM IST

The fight for Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh is causing ripples in the parliament. YSRCP and TDP have already intensified the fight by helming constant protests in the house.

YSRCP has taken things a notch higher as their sitting MPs have resigned to their posts as soon as the house was adjourned. They continued the protests near the AP Bhavan which is close to the parliament. Incidentally, this is the first time in the history where the sitting MPs resign to their posts and start protests.

YSRCP has issued the no-confidence motion notice for the ninth time, but there were no substantial results. This seems to have provoked the party to take the serious plunge. With all the high drama, the fight for special status is currently one of the most talked about topics in Delhi. Almost all the non-NDA parties have pledged their support to the fight for the welfare of Andhra Pradesh.

The NDA government cannot simply escape from their promises. They are playing with the emotions of 5 crore people, any miscalculations can end up in disastrous results for the party.