He exploited hundreds of female artists : Sri Reddy

Friday, April 13th, 2018, 03:43:05 PM IST

Sri Reddy has been giving many sleepless nights to a few big wigs in the Tollywood film industry. The actress has been making acquisitions on film directors, producers, and other technicians.

The latest addition to the list is an executive producer. In a social media post, Sri Reddy revealed that Vakada Appa Rao has exploited hundreds of female artists in the industry. She added that the victims include 16-year-old girls as well.

Interestingly, Sri Reddy said that he was using Chiranjeevi’s name to trap young women. She requested Chiranjeevi to look into the happenings and take proper care of it.

The #Srileaks list looks like a never-ending one. As per reports, there are many more prominent names in the industry, whose names are yet to be revealed.