Has Chandra Babu betrayed the state on SCS?

Sunday, April 15th, 2018, 03:54:24 AM IST

YSRCP Leader YS Jagan made some serious allegations on the Andhra CM Chandra Babu during his ‘PrajaSankalpa Yatra’ in Vijayawada.

Speaking to the media he said, “The former government at the Centre who had bifurcated united AP had given orders of initiating Special Category to the state and also set up a Planning Commission for it. When Babu’s government came into power, the planning commission was working but the SCS case was ignored. Chandra Babu turned a blind eye too at that time.”

He also stated that there is no development in the eastern states who have a Special Category Status and AP will meet the same fate. “The CM is betraying the people by denying the Special Package.”