Gemini’s daughter fires on Mahanati unit

Thursday, May 17th, 2018, 10:42:18 AM IST

It would only be fair to say that Mahanati is having a dream run at the ticket counters as the movie is doing exceptionally well both in domestic and the overseas markets. The biopic stunned many trade experts by easing past the $1.8 million mark in the USA alone. This shows the positivity and hype the movie has garnered post-release.

In the movie, Gemini Ganesan is portrayed as one of the main reasons behind Savitri’s downfall both on the career and personal fronts. Well, this is not going well with Gemini’s daughter, Kamala Selvaraj as she made a few interesting comments about Savitri’s relationship with her father. She questioned the movie unit “How can you say that Gemini loved only Savitri and not his first wife when he already had 2 kids with her?”.

She added that the movie portrays Gemini as the main antagonist in Savitri’s life, but that is not the case in reality. In an interesting revelation of sorts, Kamala said that Savitri hated Gemini to the core and once used her dog to attack them when they visited the actress’s house.

Well, you cannot every single aspect of a person’s life in the span of 3 hours and the makers of Mahanati did the best to their capabilities.