Game over for Rahul Gandhi

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018, 01:30:50 PM IST

For some odd reason, Rahul Gandhi failed to create a mark for himself in national politics. He always looked a bit too soft while handling the party related activities and the opposition parties made the most of Rahul’s incapabilities. Also, Rahul failed in bringing any sort of impact during his public appearances and election campaigns in various states.

The election results in Karnataka are proving just that as Congress is set to lose out another state to BJP. If the saffron party forms the government in Karnataka, it would be the 22nd state in which BJP will be the ruling party. This indicates the following BJP has garnered over the past 4 years. Leaving a few hiccups here and there, BJP is managing to attract the voters one way or the other. This is the exact same skill Congress and mainly Rahul Gandhi is lacking.

Apparently, even Congress leaders are feeling that it is time Congress high command starts promoting Priyanka Gandhi as the face of the party. Rahul’s speeches at Karnataka election campaign had a very minimal impact and a few Congress leaders suggested Sonia Gandhi jump into the frame. This clearly indicates that Congress leaders are desperate to bring in a new president to the party and Priyanka Gandhi is the one the only option they have.