Finally, Pawan Kalyan’s tweets make an impact

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018, 10:19:16 AM IST

Netizens were feeling that Pawan Kalyan was losing it all by posting a string of updates on Twitter. He has been making some strong claims against a few noted media house owners in the Telugu states.

Sadly, Pawan lost his track mid-way through and started posting random tweets that had a very minimal impact. However, Pawan finally came up with an interesting tweet that is directly targetted at the big wigs who reside in Amaravati. Pawan’s intentions are clear that he is looking to target the people who fund Telugu Desam Party.

Pawan’s tweets are currently doing rounds on the social media platforms as his followers are finally happy that their leader is speaking out about the issues around him. It needs to be seen whether the Janasena chief can justify all his claims. All in all, Pawan Kalyan is currently the talk of the town and there is no questioning that.