Exactly 1 month left for Pawan Kalyan

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018, 04:14:40 PM IST

The current political scenario in Andhra Pradesh is pretty heated up. Political parties are fuming over BJP for failing to keep up the promise they made on special status category during 2014 election campaign.

Recently, AP opposition leader, YS Jagan stated that his party will be passing no-confidence motion on BJP in the parliament. Reacting to the statement, Janasena chief, Pawan Kalyan said that he’ll be speaking with leaders from neighboring states and gain support to the plea.

Interestingly, YSRCP has stated that they’ll be passing the no-confidence motion on March 21. Following this, YSRCP spokesperson, Ambati Rambabu asked Pawan to gather the support that he promised earlier.

Well, the date has been locked and Pawan has 1 month to convince political parties in support of the plea. Pawan’s dedication and capabilities are put to a real test now. Let’s see if he can come out victorious.