Ex-cm: I will not live long if you don’t make me the chief minister

Friday, May 11th, 2018, 06:34:42 PM IST

Karnataka opposition party, Janata Dal leader, HD Kumaraswamy made some highly sentimental comments during Karnataka election campaigns. The Ex-chief minister of Karnataka said that he campaigned in the elections, despite his poor health condition.

Kumaraswamy urged the people of Karnataka to elect him as the cm or else he may not live long. He said that he will protect the public if he becomes the chief minister and made this sentimental request in a public meeting. Kumaraswamy’s statements stunned the viewers as many people did not expect such a deep request from the JDS leader.

Kumaraswamy stated that public should vote for JDS if they want him to live longer. Interestingly, Kumaraswamy said that his party MLA candidates are constantly asking for money and revealed that JDS does not have enough financial support to fund everyone.

Going by the recent trend, voters have shown massive signs of improvement and gone are the days when sentiments and sympathy win you votes. Kumaraswamy’s sentimental approach may have a very minimal effect, said political experts.