Disaster: Karnataka CM to lose in both constituencies?

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018, 12:36:42 PM IST

The chief minister of Karnataka, Siddharamiah was so very confident about the election results in Karnataka that he openly stated he will remain in power for 5 more years. In an interesting incident of sorts, Siddharamiah trolled Yeddyurappa after the latter said that he will be forming the government on May 17th. The Congress leader termed Yeddyurappa ‘Mentally unstable’ after his ambitious claims.

On a contemporary note, the election results are proving to be anything but sooting for the Congress party. Let alone forming the goverment, Siddharramiah is set to face a disastrous result as he may end up losing from the both the MLA constituencies that he contested from. Reportedly, Siddharamiah is lagging behind in Chamundeswari constituency by13,000 votes. In Badami constituency, Siddharamiah is leading by 160 votes on BJP candidate, Sri Ramulu. This lead cannot sustain long and trends can change in an instant, said a few political experts.

It would be a disastrous result if the chief minister of the state faces defeat in both the constituencies that he is contesting from. Well, there is still a lot of time left and we have to wait and watch if Siddharamiah can win in at least 1 constituency.