Published On: May 23, 2018 1:00 PM IST

Director and heroine to sell tickets at theater

Ravi Teja’s latest comedy entertainer, Nela ticket is gearing up for release on May 25th. The movie unit has started promoting the movie by attending a few press meet events and special interviews to media. Sadly, the buzz is very minimal around the movie as the trailer cut is not up to the mark and failed to rake up expectations on the movie.

Interestingly, Ravi Teja’s previous movie, Touch Chesi Choodu faced a similar fate as there was absolutely zero build-up to the movie and it ended up as a disaster. The action entertainer failed to register decent openings in the Telugu states, further adding to its vowes at the box office.

On a contemporary note, the news is that the director of Nela Ticket, Kalyan Krishna, along with the heroine of the movie, Malavika Sharma will be attending an interesting promotional event. The makers have stated that Kalyan and Malavika will be distributing tickets to the movie at Sandhya theater, Hyderabad. Well, we don’t normally see a movie director and the heroine in the film distributing movie tickets, but Nela ticket team is looking to break the norms.

This is surely a good plan by the makers to aggressively promote the movie, a day before its release. With that being said, content is the king in any movie and expecting great results by promoting a lackluster movie will not yield any results. We have to wait and watch if Nela Ticket can score a decent hit at the box office.