Did Nagababu term Abhiram as an idiot?

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018, 02:39:55 PM IST

Mega brother, Nagababu spoke to the media earlier and made some interesting comments on the casting couch in Tollywood. He said that casting couch is a very generalized subject and everyone is pretty much aware of what is happening in the industry. He referred cinema industry as a mini world which is filled with various complexities.

Speaking about Sri Reddy, Nagababu said that Sri Reddy is making wayward comments about unnecessary personalities. She is trying to throw mud on the entire industry by saying that Maa association is neglecting her. Maa is a dignified firm that offers various services to actors in the industry. Expecting miracles from Maa association is nothing but stupidity, said Nagababu.

Interestingly, Nagababu said that 10% of people in the film industry are idiots and the rest are living respectable lives. The main question is did Nagababu term Abhiram as an idiot by mentioning that there are a good number of idiots in the industry?

All in all, the casting couch issue was highlighted like never before, but Sri Reddy’s arrogant behavior led to her disastrous downfall. We should wait and watch if there will be any major changes in the industry from now on.