Published On: Jul 29, 2018 9:53 AM IST

Did Jagan kill a lifeline?

Andhra Pradesh opposition leader, YS Jagan was in two minds about the ongoing Kapu reservation issue. A while ago, he openly stated that he would take this issue into consideration and assured financial support for Kapus if YCP forms the government in Andhra Pradesh. Just when everyone thought that this will act as Jagan’s lifeline, his latest stand on the issue is changing the entire scenario.

Speaking at a meeting, Jagan said that special reservations for a particular community is not an easy task and the state government can have very little prominence in this issue. “Special reservations come under the central government’s reach and they will be taking the final call. All I can do is substantially increase the funding for Kapu corporation”, said Jagan.

This way, Jagan made it very clear that he cannot assure reservations for the Kapu community. He followed a similar strategy during the 2014 elections when he claimed that YCP cannot implement the loan waiver scheme if they came into power. It needs to be seen if the current Kapu reservation issue will have a similar impact in the following elections.