Did Chandra Babu just confirm his alliance with Congress?

Friday, August 10th, 2018, 01:51:48 AM IST

A huge political controversy erupted after the TDP backed the nominee proposed by the Congress party in the Rajya Sabha deputy chairman election. YCP Senior Leader accused CM Chandra Babu of rushing into an alliance in the Congress party that he had been criticizing all this while.

Speaking at a public meeting, he asked, “Why support the party that you have been calling a traitor? The Chief Minister himself has told on many occasions that Congress has been doing injustice to Andhra from the beginning. This only confirms that the TDP is quite eager to join hands with Congress before next elections.”

He also stated the TDP was founded by NT Rama Rao for the sole purpose of uprooting the Congress in the state and Chandra Babu has betrayed the people by supporting the party. The rumors of a possible TDP-Congress alliance are growing more by the day. A conclusion can be drawn only if the TDP Chief clears his stand.