Did BJP leaders provoke TDP supporters?

Saturday, May 12th, 2018, 12:01:35 PM IST

In a disgraceful incident of sorts, a few TDP leaders pelted stones at Amit Shah’s convoy yesterday. Nobody was injured in the incident, but TDP was heavily criticised for their aggressive attitude towards the national president of BJP. Well, the TDP sources have come up with an interesting story, indicating that BJP leaders actually provoked the TDP supporters.

As per TDP leaders, Amit Shah left well before the protestors started lashing out. However, a single car from the convoy, which was being used by a BJP leader was damaged by the stones thrown by TDP supporters. Allegedly, the BJP leader got into a verbal brawl with TDP leaders and that led to a tensed situation.

Sadly, things went out of control and nearly 30 TDP leaders started pelting stones at the car, which later had to controlled by the police forces. The involvement of police further intensified the situation as TDP leaders are claiming that they were attacked by the security forces.

All in all, this incident can further deteriorate the bonding between TDP and BJP even after these parties were allies for 4 years.