Published On: Mar 13, 2018 12:34 PM IST

Dhoni makes some interesting comments on Mohammed Shami

Team India pace bowler, Mohammed Shami is currently in a legal crisis. His wife, Hasina has lodged a few complaints, saying that Shami has tortured her physically. She added that Shami is putting her through a lot of mental pressure and is having illegal affairs with another woman.

It proved guilty, Shami will have to serve close to 10-year jail time. In the wake of events, he has been removed from team India squad and will not be featuring in this year’s IPL as well. This comes as a huge shock to the player, who is slowly regaining his form after being hit by injuries.

Surprisingly, team India, Ex-captain, MS Dhoni has made some interesting comments on his teammate. Dhoni said that Shami is a good person by heart and has a great personality. Dhoni further said that Shami is not a person who would degrade his wife or the nation.

Moreover, Dhoni played a key role in building Shami’s career and was a great mentor to the pace bowler. It is such a humble gesture from the Ex-captain to come out and speak about his teammate.