Controversial critic to contest in 2019 elections

Monday, March 19th, 2018, 03:19:03 PM IST

Tollywood’s sensational critic, Kathi Mahesh has made some sensational comments on 2019 elections. He said that he would be contesting from Chittoor district in the following elections.

Recently, he has been mumbling randomly about the political parties in Andhra Pradesh. However, very few people expected him to make his entry into active politics.

The interesting part is that Kathi has irksome relations with every political party in the state. It would be a bit tough for him to actually gain the trust of either TDP or YSRCP. The chances of him getting into Janasena are extra terrestrially bleak.

Kathi has no other option but to contest as an independent. Can he actually develop a name for himself and turn into a potential leader? Only time will answer.