Congress leaders make a staggering offer to Devegowda

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018, 10:53:41 AM IST

It needs to be said that JDS party has gone past all odds and can end up with 45 MLA seats in the 2018 elections. This makes it very clear that both the national parties, Congress and BJP needs JDS support to form the government.

JDS thinktank, Devegowda’s table is currently filled with offers from Congress and BJP high commands. A few reports are claiming that Congress party is so very desperate for JDS support that they have said Devegowda that he can take the final call on the chief minister candidate. This is surely a massive move as Devegowda can choose one of his close aides to sit on the CM chair.

With that being said, BJP has been showing great signs of improvement and the saffron party leaders are currently leading in 112 MLA constituencies. If this trend continues, BJP may need the support of 9-10 MLAs as they are exactly on the magic figure mark(112 MLA seats). They can either opt for the support from independent candidates or lure JDS MLAs to join the party.

We can expect some sort of clarity on the proceedings by afternoon.