Published On: Sep 14, 2018 3:54 AM IST

Congress in neck-deep trouble?

The Telangana government seems to be giving a hard time to the Opposition congress party after it started revoking the decade old cases of Congress leaders. This is making Congress leaders worry with only little time left for the Assembly elections.

This started after city police pressed charges against Revanth Reddy for selling seven plots in Jubilee Hills 16 years ago in 2002. Similarly, a case was registered against ex MLA Gandra Bhupal Reddy and his brother for carrying illegal ammunition. In another incident, the police arrested Jagga Reddy in a passport fraud case.

With the TRS putting Congress’s deeds in the open, seems like the rest of the party members are living in fear of being exposed. They attacked caretaker CM KCR for targeting Congress leader on fake charges to make himself look clean. But the Telangana government is still pulling out old registers to book the congress leaders, this could be a huge trouble for the opposition party.