Congress and JDS MLAs on Bus Yatra

Friday, May 18th, 2018, 03:58:14 PM IST

Bharatiya Janatha party is in dire need of 9 MLAs in order to prove their majority in the assembly. However, the saffron party is facing a tough time in attracting the lawmakers from Congress and JDS as these parties are making sure that none of their MLAs come in contact with BJP leaders.

A few reports claim that BJP tried to lure these MLAs by arranging a private meeting at the resorts they were staying in. However, Congress and JDS were quick to react to the situation and made plans to shift all the MLAs to a private resort in Kerala. Interestingly, the airways department rejected the proposal for undisclosed reasons.

With no other option left, Congress arranged special buses to shift the MLAs from Bengaluru to Hyderabad. The political leaders had to travel for 14 long hours and reached Taj Krishna hotel in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad today morning.

In the past, political parties used to take away the MLAs cellphones so that they cannot be contacted by the other party leaders. Surprisingly, Congress has taken a strange decision and asked the leaders to install an application on their phones, which allows them to record all the phone calls. This move is to counter BJP’s attempts of trying to come in contact with Congress and JDS MLAs. It is very evident that Congress and JDS are doing all they can to keep BJP at bay.

The interesting part is that the supreme court has ordered BJP to prove its majority in the assembly by tomorrow and this surely is a key day in Karnataka politics.