Congress ‘agrees’ to bow down to JDS

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018, 05:19:25 PM IST

The current political scenario in Karnataka is looking more like a rip off from a super hit political thriller film rather than real life politics. At first, Congress showed early signs of lead, then BJP found its feet and there was a neck to neck race for quite some time. However, things changed quickly and BJP raced past its opponents and at one stage was strong enough to form the government on its own.

Just when things were settling down, BJP started losing the leads in some constituencies and may end up with a total 105-109 MLA seats. This makes it clear that BJP will be needing the support of at least 10 MLAs to form a stable government. This gave rise to a new equation where Congress openly stated that it will be supporting JDS to form the government.

Siddharamiah stated that he will be resigning as the chief minister of Karnataka. He added that JDS chief, Kumaraswamy will be made the CM of the state if JDS wishes to take the support of Congress party. This makes it clear that Congress has agreed to literally bow down to JDS in order to form the government in Karnataka.

We can expect more clarity on the proceedings by evening, said political followers in Karnataka.