CM to continue his ‘Deeksha’ strategy

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018, 01:55:17 PM IST

The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, N Chandra Babu Naidu is currently keeping himself busy by holding various protest events against the central government. Babu recently took part in the Dharma Poraata Deekshas that were held at various constituencies in Andhra Pradesh. Just when everyone thought that the 68-year-old leader will call it quits, he is planning to hold a set of protest events that will last for a week.

Our sources said that the Telugu Desam Party will be holding Nava Nirmana Deekshas from June 2nd. These protest events will be held for a week in Chittoor, Vijayawada, and West Godavari districts and Babu will be attending every single one of them. TDP leaders said that the purpose of these protests is to educate the public about the way BJP cheated the state by not providing sufficient funds after the bifurcation.

Babu will be speaking against the center for neglecting the state and demand immediate support for building a world-class capital in Amaravati. Well, we don’t normally see a chief minister holding consecutive protests against the central government, but Babu is not willing to follow the rule book. It needs to be seen is the BJP will take all these Deekshas into notice and provide financial support to Andhra Pradesh.