Published On: May 26, 2018 11:57 PM IST

Clashes in the Cong-JD (S) government already?

It was the clever alliance of the Congress and JDS that won them power in Karnataka. Not even a week in power, there are already clashes between these two parties while taking several administrative decisions in the state.

Apparently the parties could not come to a single word at deciding the key portfolios of home and finance even after several prolonged deliberations. Congress President Rahul Gandhi visited the Karnataka to resolve the issue but there is no report of the issue coming to a termination.

It is clever of the Congress to offer an alliance to the JD(S) at the right and this is the move that brought them the Karnataka throne. But both these parties have completely different ideals and working. Can two parties so distinct manage to overcome their differences to rule together? We should wait and watch.