Cine actor’s ‘Jagarana deeksha’ for Special Status

Friday, May 11th, 2018, 03:21:08 AM IST

Actor Sivaji who has become quite active in the state’s politics since the row between NDA and TDP over Special Status for Andhra Pradesh surprisingly announced a ‘jagarana deeksha’ as a form of protest.

He stated that this protest was to create awareness in the people of the country about the injustice done by the Centre towards Andhra Pradesh. ‘All political parties should come together to fight for the Special status, that is the only way’ he stated.

MLA Bonda and AP NTO President Ashokbabu seconded the idea of Sivaji and agreed with Sivaji who said that the PM was betraying the people of Andhra and that they should teach the BJP a lesson in the Karnataka elections.