Charan and Pawan ditched, Chiru does not

Monday, April 16th, 2018, 12:19:44 PM IST

People are finding it tough to conclude whether he is distancing himself from the Mega family on the whole or just from Pawan Kalyan. Ever since he made some strong comments on Pawan’s followers, Allu Arjun has been facing severe criticism from a majority of mega followers.

There is no way Pawan and Allu Arjun can bond up in the near future. Seeing Charan’s close rapport with Pawan, it would be tough for him to support Allu Arjun. Charan’s fans are still wondering why Allu Arjun did not tweet or speak about Rangasthalam even after it received a thundering response all over. This way, Charan, and Pawan have already ditched Allu Arjun for pretty evident reasons.

The interesting thing is that Chiranjeevi is not ready to leave Allu Arjun. Chiru always tries to keep the mega family together and attends all their events even when he is running on packed schedules. Recently, he visited the sets of Naa Peru Surya and wished Allu Arjun all the best for his movie. This shows that Chiru is still standing by Allu Arjun when Charan and Pawan have parted ways with him.