Published On: May 25, 2018 2:22 AM IST

Change of heart: Yeddyurappa praises Siddramiah

In a strange turn of events Karnataka regional president of BJP Yeddyurappa turned supporter for former Chief Minister and Congress Leader Siddramiah and claimed that the Congress in Kanrnataka wouldn’t have sustained if not for him.

Mr.Yeddyurappa said, “ He has singlehandedly ensured the victory of 78 MLAs with the help of his Kuruba community and the Congress has forgotten his contribution and is being disrespectful to his community by joining hands with the JD(S) in an unholy alliance.”

This sudden sympathy towards an Opposition leader raised many eyebrows and several leaders are commenting that Yeddyurappa is trying to take advantage of Siddramiah as he has been sidelined by the Congress after the elections.