Published On: Sep 15, 2018 3:42 PM IST

Chandra Babu’s arrest a planned conspiracy?

The arrest warrant issued against the AP CM Chandra Babu has enraged many of his supporters. Recently actor Shivaji made some shocking comments about the issue and claimed it to be a planned conspiracy by the opposition.

Speaking to the media, he said, “It is shameful for the court to send notices to the AP CM after 8 years. This is happening because he went against PM Modi and questioned the BJP. It has already stopped several companies like Apple to invest in Amaravathi. It is shameful of BJP to plot against Chandra Babu and AP when the state is already in distress without any funds.”

He acused the national party of playing dirty politics in such a crucial time. Addressing the CM, he stated that there are more notices yet to come but the CM should not appear in the Maharashtra Court, instead they should appoint good lawyers and get out of this murk.