Chandra Babu trying to please the Prime Minister?

Sunday, April 22nd, 2018, 03:01:10 PM IST

The recent days have seen the Chief Minister of Andhra break ties with the BJP and this turned things cold between the two parties and thus started a war of words. Since then Chandra Babu and the TDP leaders have made aggressive statements on the Centre and BJP.

But the opposition YSRCP thinks otherwise. Party Leader B Rajendranath claimed that this was all a façade and in reality Chandra Babu was making all the efforts of trying to appease the Prime Minister discreetly.

“The farce of his fasting on his birthday has shown that Naidu is more interested in pursuing his political career than getting Special Status for Andhra” he said in an interview.

Though it is known that the opposition has been targeting the TDP for some time, the recent appointment of a BJP Leader’s wife to the TTD board has raised speculations and people started thinking if there was any truth behind this statement.