Chandra Babu deserves something bigger than Oscar award

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018, 07:09:08 PM IST

BJP senior leader, Somu Veerraju has made it his sole target to criticise Chandra Babu and his failures over the past 4 years. Even when a few political analysts are saying that Somu is siding with Jagan, he is having none of it and going hard on Chandra Babu.

Speaking at a recent event, Somu said that Chandra Babu has mastered the act of tricking people and deserves an award that is bigger than the Oscar for his acting skills. He is terming every single project taken up by the government as employment opportunities for the youth, reflecting his desperation levels, said Somu Veerraju. He added that CM Ramesh is involved in sugar factory scam in Kadapa and should address that issue before he protests for the steel plant.

Well, we need to admit that BJP and YCP have been going easy on each other, sending all the wrong signals to the public. With rumors indicating that BJP may join forces with YCP, the party high commands should look into the issue and get things sorted out quickly.