CBN’s non-sync reply to Modi and Jagan

Saturday, April 21st, 2018, 03:01:51 PM IST

Andhra Pradesh chief minister Nara Chandra Babu Naidu held a one-day protest yesterday. This protest was held against the negligence being shown by the central government towards Andhra Pradesh.

Incidentally, yesterday happened to be Chandra Babu’s birthday as well. However, Babu opted not to attend and birthday celebrations and stick to the deeksha and did not even consume water through the course of the 12 hours.

Interestingly, AP opposition leader YS Jagan and prime minister of India, Modi tweeted birthday wishes for CBN. In reply, Chandra Babu thanked them for the wishes and added the details about his deeksha. Well, birthday wishes are ones that anyone should cherish rather than make a meal out of it.

CBN’s non-sync reply to birthday wishes from his opponents has raised a few eyebrows. All in all, CBN proved that he will not back down till justice is done for AP.