CBN: Vote for anyone but them

Thursday, May 10th, 2018, 06:28:19 PM IST

The chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandra Babu Naidu finally opened up about the following general elections in Karnataka. He said that the Telugu people in Karnataka should never forget the injustice done by the BJP government.

Speaking at a recent political meet in Kurnool, CBN said that the BJP government has mastered the art of deceiving people. Interestingly, Babu said that he is not in a position to ask the Telugites to vote for a particular party in the 2019 elections. However, Babu stated that Telugu people should keep in mind that BJP has shown very little interest towards Andhra Pradesh for the past 4 years. He urged the Telugu voters to be aware of this and avoid voting to the saffron party.

Babu reacted on the vote-for-note case and said that the TRS and BJP governments have planned to defame him in the Telugu states. However, Babu oozed confidence and said that the TD Government will be retaining the power during the 2019 elections.

Babu concluded that YSRCP is looking to irk TDP as they are fighting against the central government for the welfare of the state. Babu recently made it clear to TDP leaders that the party will not be forming an alliance for the following elections