Can this mean a TDP-AAP alliance?

Wednesday, April 4th, 2018, 05:29:51 PM IST

After snapping ties with the BJP led NDA, Telugu Desam Party national chief Chandra Babu made a two day visit to the national capital.This visit mainly aims at garnering strength to fight for the Special Category Status for Andhra, he had stated.

During this visit, he held a meeting with his Delhi counterpart and Aam Aadmi Party president Araving Kejriwal. Though he had said this was solely for the purpose of the state’s welfare, this meeting has raised several eyebrows around.

The alliance of these two parties seems possible as both the parties are on bitter terms with the Centre and they have strong anti-Congress notions. Looks like AAP has chances of making its way into Babu’s federal front in the upcoming elections.