Published On: Jun 1, 2018 2:28 AM IST

Can this lead to another bifurcation?

Actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan once again made headlines by making some surprising statements. He alleged that the state would break into three pieces if the entire focus of development is on the new capital Amaravati.

Speaking at his Porata Yatra, Pawan stated that when the state was unified, only its capital Hyderabad was developed and when the bifurcation happened the people of Andhra had nowhere to go for jobs and industries as there were no sufficient resourced in the newly formed state.

“The Chief Minister is doing the same mistake again. His only aim is to develop the capital- Amaravati. He is not looking at the rest of the state that is facing in a crisis situation in many areas. If this continues, there might come a situation of another bifurcation” he said.

It is not new to hear such startling comments from the Janasena chief but this time his comments made many start to ponder about the future of the state, and it is not unknown about CM Chandra Babu’s abundant interest in building a state of art capital. But is he equally thinking about the rest of the state too?