Can Rangasthalam repeat Arjun Reddy?

Saturday, March 17th, 2018, 12:43:14 PM IST

Tollywood star hero, Ram Charan’s Rangasthalam is gearing up for release on March 30th. The periodic drama is promising to be one of a kind movie. The trailers and songs have already racked up huge expectations on the movie.

The latest reports suggest that the movie has a runtime of 170 minutes( 2 hours 50 minutes). Well, this is a massive run time for a Telugu movie. We have recently seen Arjun Reddy which had a runtime of close to 3 hours. However, the movie kept the audience engaged for 3 long hours and turned into a super hit.

Interestingly, team Rangasthalam is very confident about the output. They are believing that trimming the movie can tamper the flow of the film. This seems to be the sole reason behind the lengthy runtime.

Moreover, keeping the viewer’s attention intact for such long time is easier said than done. This would surely be an uphill task for Charan and Sukumar as they have taken a considerable risk. It would be interesting to watch if they can pull it off or not.