Can Rajinikanth’s director help Rahul Gandhi

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018, 05:20:38 PM IST

PA Ranjith rose to fame with Madras movie and got the chance to direct Rajinikanth not once but twice. However, Ranjith could not capitalize on these opportunities and came up with below-par films like Kaala and Kabali. The young director tried to mix social issues with commercial elements but failed in both the attempts.

The latest news is that Ranjith met the president of Indian National Congress party, Rahul Gandi in Delhi. Interestingly, Rahul posted these photos on his official Twitter handle and that turned many eyebrows. People are finding it tough to figure out why Rahul met Ranjith and on top of that post those photos on social media.

A few reports are claiming that Rahul Gandhi is looking to appoint Ranjith as the party’s backend strategist. He will be laying out new strategies and tactics to strengthen the party in Tamil Nadu. It needs to be seen if Rajini’s director can help Congress in Tamil Nadu.