Buzz : Yellow party promotions in full swing

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018, 11:13:46 AM IST

The political parties in Andhra Pradesh have already started the preparations for the 2019 general elections. With opposition leader, YS Jagan receiving a good response for his Pada Yatra, the onus is now on Telugu Desam party to start attracting the public.

The buzz is that Yellow party is all set to hold the prestigious Mahanadu event from May 27th. Reportedly, Chandra Babu has ordered his party cadre to go big and make sure that the event is a massive success. Minister, Kala Venkatrao has already visited the Siddhartha college in Vijayawada to check whether it would be suitable to hold this massive event.

The interesting thing is that TDP has already stated self-promotional campaigns. The yellow party recently held a protest event, Dharma Porata Sabha at Tirupati and projected it as a TDP protest rather than a government event.

It is rare to see the ruling party kickstart the promotions with close to 1 year left for the general elections. It would be interesting to watch if TDP’s strategy can yield positive results for the party.