Published On: Jul 23, 2018 2:38 PM IST

Buzz : Naidu turns favorite in Bigg Boss

The second season of Bigg Boss has picked up the pace and is putting up decent viewership number for quite some time. The reality show started off on a dull note as the contestant’s list was not up to the mark, but eventually upped the ante with some mass masala action in the house and Nani bought the show to life with his hosting skills.

The latest update about the show is that the makers are willing to bring back one of the previously eliminated contestants. The list includes the likes of Nutan Naidu, Kireeti, Shyamala, Bhanu, and Shyamala. Nani has already stated that the audience can vote for their favorite contestants and the one with the highest votes will make their way back.

Apparently, Nuthan Naidu is in the prime spot to make a comeback to the show. The commoner impressed the viewers with his intense stand in an episode filled with family-related emotions. He built himself a decent following on social media platforms and a page named Nuthan Army is currently very active when it comes to posting updates about the show. It needs to be if the crowd favorite, Nuthan Naidu will make a comeback into the Bigg Boss show.