Bunny raises war against RGV

Thursday, April 19th, 2018, 01:14:07 PM IST

The ongoing issue raised by Sri Reddy has intensified to a whole new level after Ram Gopal Varma claimed that he was responsible for the offending comments. The controversial director posted a video on Youtube, saying that it was his suggestion that provoked Sri Reddy to make such derogatory comments on Pawan Kalyan.

Reacting to this, Tollywood producer, Bunny Vas posted a serious social media update on the issue. He posted that ” RgV …..? I always ask PK fans to cool down ….but this time after knowing all this drama even I’m not able to hold my self …we r coming out …be ready for the WAR ….going to show what we are ….same kind of plans played at the time of PRP .all mega family supporters meeting today …will announce our decission by evening”.

This shows that the mega camp is not ready to cool down on the issue and is ready to raise war against RGV. Bunny mentioned that there is mega family supporters meeting today and the final decision will be announced by evening. These comments have gained a lot of prominences as mega followers are eager to know about the action plan against RGV.