Published On: May 22, 2018 9:27 PM IST

Bring it down a notch, Pawan

It needs to be said that Pawan Kalyan is managing to pull good crowds for his political events. The Janasena chief is currently touring the Uttharandhra region as a part of his Praja Poraata Yatra. It looks like the massive turnouts for Pawan’s meetings have gotten into the head of the actor turned politician. A recent incident is proving this claim right.

Speaking at a recent event, Pawan said that YCP and Janasena will be the main contenders during the 2019 elections. He predicted that TDP will have to settle for the third position in Andhra Pradesh. Well, expressing confidence is fine, bur underestimating a noted political party can be fatal for Janasena. This was clearly evident during the 2014 elections when Jagan clearly underestimated the political expertise of CBN. He got caught up in the hungama around him as almost all of his public meetings saw massive turnouts. Then came Babu with a sucker punch and defeated YCP in the general elections.

Pawan should make sure that he does not get carried away by the crowds’ response. His political aides should advise Pawan to get down a notch and concentrate on his party’s strengths so that Janasena can attain a respectable position in 2019 AP elections.