BJP will not even get a single vote: CBN

Friday, May 11th, 2018, 10:47:50 AM IST

Chandra Babu blasted through YSRCP and BJP during his visit to Kurnool district. The chief minister said that YSRCP and BJP are filled with leaders who have various fraud cases against them. He added that YCP is all about corruption and deceiving the public.

Interestingly, Babu stated that BJP will not even get a single vote in the 2019 elections in Andhra Pradesh. He challenged that BJP will not even win a single MLA or MP seat in AP as people have come to know about the way BJP is cheating the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Interestingly, Babu urged the public to vote for TDP and give them 25 MP seats so that Babu can suggest the right candidate as the prime minister of India. CBN added that the 2014 alliance with the NDA government was to ensure the welfare of the state, but BJP failed to live up to the promises they made.

Speaking about Karnataka elections, Babu said that he does not want to pick sides, but urged the Telugites not to vote for BJP as they cheated AP. Babu concluded that he led an illustrious career for 40 years and that is why his opponents could not defame him during his reign in politics.