Published On: May 19, 2018 12:09 AM IST

BJP will easily form the government

Well, here comes another interesting update about the political developments in Karnataka. The latest reports flying in from Delhi suggest that 8 MLAs from the Congress and JDS camp have already been shifted to Delhi and are in touch with the BJP high command. Reportedly, these MLAs were shifted to Delhi even before Congress and JDS moved their MLAs out of Karnataka.

A noted media house is claiming that Congress and JDS made fake signs of these MLAs while submitting their proposal to form the government. These MLAs have not been spotted with Congress or JDS camp and that is adding more fuel to these speculations.

The buzz is that these lawmakers will be brought back to Bengaluru and special arrangements have already been made to carry out the process. These MLAs will be supporting BJP and that will see a rise in the count from 104 to 112 for the saffron party. This way, BJP can easily form the government as they have crossed the magic figure.

Another report is claiming that BJP will start provoking Congress and JDS MLAs in the house, leading to a tensed atmosphere in the assembly. The speaker will suspend 15-18 MLAs from Congress and JDS camp and that will bring down the count in the house. This makes it easier for BJP as they can prove the majority in the house by reducing the members supporting Congress and JDS.

We should admit that 2018 Karnataka elections are nothing less to a well made political thriller movie.