BJP to lose one more senior leader to YSRCP

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018, 12:49:58 AM IST

After Senior Leader of BJP Bothsa Sathyanarayana, Ex Minister and senior leader in Guntur district Kanna Laxminarayan is planning to shred the BJP shawl and join the opposition YSRCP.

Apparently, the ex minister was disappointed with the failure of BJP to fulfill its promises of giving him a higher post while he was joining the party. He was to be the regional president of the BJP but that post denied to supposedly.

YSRCP leader was quick to take advantage of this situation. He offered Mr. Kanna a double jackpot to make him join his party. He revealed that Jagan offered him an Assembly ticket in the Pedakurapadu constituency and Chirala to his close aide.

Losing senior leaders could prove costly for the BJP at the present moment when it seems like it is losing its grip in the south, as there is uproar in the people for the Special Category Status.