BJP strategy: Rs 100 crores and minister post

Thursday, May 17th, 2018, 01:45:14 PM IST

To everyone’s surprise, Yeddyurappa took the oath as the chief minister of Karnataka. However, the Bharatiya Janatha Party should prove their majority in the assembly and they have 15 days time to do the same. These developments come as a rude shock to both Congress and JDS as they were looking to form the government with 116 MLAs on their side.

The saffron party has been offered plenty of time to play their political games and attract MLAs from the other parties. This will surely push the Congress-JDS alliance into defense as they should make sure that their MLAs stay true to the party and reject the proposals from BJP.

Speaking about the scenario, JDS chief, Kumaraswamy said that BJP is pressurizing their party MLAs by offering them close to Rs 100 crores in cash. That is not all “They are trying to lure our party lawmakers by promising them minister posts if they join the party” stated Kumaraswamy.

It is already known that BJP is currently 8 MLA seats short of the magic figure(112). Well, they have over 2 weeks and it needs to be noted that anything is possible in politics.