Published On: May 20, 2018 11:29 PM IST

BJP still hopeful of a comeback in Karnataka?

Odds weren’t in the favor of BJP during the Karnataka elections, as they had to lose the throne after winning it but the BJP is confident about its comeback in the state and stated the reason to be the ‘fundamental contradictions’ between the Congress-JDS.

“We have lost the battle, but will definitely win the war” the party leaders said. They believe that they still have a tremendous support from the Kannada people and especially from the Lingayats, who will ensure that the BJP stayed in an important position in the state.

Though the BJP have lost on a slight margin, they seem to be confident that the ‘unholy’ alliance as termed by Amit Shah of Congress and JDS would not stand long enough. But if there are actual differences between the parties the BJP would not hesitate to use it for its advantage.