Published On: May 31, 2018 8:56 PM IST

BJP looking to make the most out of two Lakshmi Narayana’s

Bharatiya Janatha Party is slowly looking to increase its grip on Andhra Pradesh by appointing a prominent Kapu leader, Kanna Lakshmi Narayana as the party president. This move may yield successful results in the Uttarandhra region as the area is hugely dominated by the Kapu community. With that being said, BJP is risking being tagged as a Kapu favored party but the saffron party is aiming for limited seats rather than go all out and end up with disappointing results.

The latest news is the Ex-CBI Joint Director, Laksmi Narayana is all set to join BJP and that is the reason behind his political tours in Andhra Pradesh, said a source. Also, there are chances of the Ex-CBI official being promoted as the chief minister candidate for the party in Andhra Pradesh. This may add more fuel to the party as Lakshmi Narayana went hard on Jagan during the CBI cases and earned himself good marks from Jagan’s opponents.

All in all, it is very evident that BJP is looking to make the most out of two Lakshmi Narayana’s and have maximum prominence in the 2019 elections. We have to wait and watch if BJP’s plan