BJP: Elections are over, increase petrol and diesel prices

Tuesday, May 15th, 2018, 04:19:43 PM IST

BJP took a strong decision on the pricing system of petroleum products as soon as it came to power in the center. As per modified rules, the price of petrol and diesel will be altered on a daily basis, depending upon the international petroleum market. This procedure was received well at the start as the prices went down slightly. Sadly, that is not the case now as the prices are reaching new heights with every passing day.

Interestingly, the BJP government thought that the increasing prices may have adverse effects on Karnataka elections and decided not to hike the prices at least until the elections are completed. As a result, the prices of petrol and diesel were not altered for a period of 19 days before the Karnataka elections.

As soon as the elections were completed, the central government showed its true colors by hiking the prices. Reportedly, the price of 1-liter petrol has been increased by 15 paise and the price of diesel has been increased by 22 paise. These numbers indicate that Petrol has reached an all-time high price after 56 long months and a similar scenario is happening with diesel as well. This proves to be a classic example of manipulating the public.

The current prices of petrol and diesel(Delhi)

Petrol – 1 litre – Rs 74.95

Diesel – 1 litre – Rs 66.36