BJP bigwig: They are in touch with us, we will get this done

Thursday, May 17th, 2018, 06:20:08 PM IST

Bharatiya Janatha party leaders have taken it upon themselves to gather enough members to form the government. Yeddyurappa has already taken the oath as the chief minister of Karnataka but is yet to prove the majority in the assembly as the party fell 8 MLAs short of the magic figure.

Speaking about the party’s strategy to gain the required support, BJP bigwig Sri Ramula made some interesting comments on the political equations in the state. He said that the independent MLAs are in touch with the party and the high command is working on the remaining members as well. He was very confident that the saffron party will ease past this task and form the government in Karnataka.

Interestingly, Yeddyurappa has already signed on the loan waiver scheme and that will surely come as a major advantage to the party as it can gain public appreciation before forming the government. The senior leader said that things are going at a swift pace and the party will be proving its majority in the assembly in a day or two.