Bigg Boss : Why so much love towards celebrities?

Monday, June 25th, 2018, 11:07:50 AM IST

The second season of Bigg Boss is providing some mass masala entertainment to the viewers, thanks to the newly arisen rifts between the housemates. Nutan Naidu, Kaushal, Samrat, and Tanish were involved in a heated brawl, leading to a tensed atmosphere in the house.

The interesting part is that another commoner, Nutan Naidu has been eliminated from the show. This move defied all odds as many people thought that the show will be balanced out if a celebrity was eliminated. However, that is not the case now. It needs to be seen if the makers will be bringing in another commoner to the show through the wild card entry.

The big question here is, why are the makers of the Bigg Boss showing so much love towards the celebrities? It was almost certain that Kaushal would be eliminated this time as he bagged a lot of negativity for his offending acts. All of a sudden, a new episode rose up and Nutan was centered by the celebrities and eventually, he had to face the axe.

Another interesting update is that Nani was absolutely brilliant in the Saturday episode as he fired on the housemates and pointed out their mistakes. His fierce attitude surprised many people but added that spark to the show, said a few viewers.